About Us

Landing Leathers is a family-owned and family-run business founded by husband and wife Jessie and Ko Kiuchi. In true American fashion, the business started in the garage. Designed in America, our home of Bethlehem, inspires us greatly in clever methods of combining the historic and the new. Creating updated and replica WW2 jackets are exciting, enjoyable and educational. As designers, we strive to make sure that fashion does not forget its references. The importance of history in our garments is absolute and essential.

Our products show our interpretation of research, whether that’s research into history, functionality, fit, or textiles. We are constantly updating our line and development methods to meet customer needs. This has included anything from customer orders, additional pockets, and other custom features. Extended sizes have been introduced to our line so that everyone can wear a military jacket. Customer feedback is constantly reviewed to help us seek and reconfigure details, fit and overall garment quality. Our goal is to make each line of jackets better than the last. To us, our jackets are meaningful in every dimension. We believe that you shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to quality, style, practicality, tactfulness, and comfort.

Combining all our previous knowledge of manufacturing, we expanded our PA family business to an international scale. Owning our manufacturing facility allows us to produce jackets at an affordable price without sacrificing the quality of craftsmanship and preserving all of the stylish cues and details. The control from concept to production ensures that the manufacturing process reflects our core values. Our facility is sweatshop free where our workers earn significantly more than others. We are always seeking new ways to empower our workforce to help break the cycle of extreme poverty through sustainable job and skill creation.

Veterans, Service Members, and Their Families, we thank you.